Our Southlake Style Debut!
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Friday, March 31, 2017
By Lonesome Dove Design, LLC
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We are delighted to announce that we have been featured starting on Page 16 of the April edition of Southlake Style! Here is the full interview!

Shannon Brown Gornell Casey Hall Cara Hubbell

Q: Can you share a little about your overall design philosophy?   

LDD: For us, it’s all about how the design project allows clients to feel and function in their new space. We approach every project with a positive, solution-driven attitude as opposed to what’s wrong with a space. We genuinely care for our clients and feel blessed to help them achieve their design goals. Being local girls we are deeply invested in our community and its success so we utilize our local vendors for most of our purchase needs.

Q: When you sit down with a client, what’s one of the first questions you ask?

LDD: One of the first things we ask when we meet with new clients is how they plan to actually utilize the project space. Our top priority is to create an environment that is ideal for the way the clients really work or live. For residential design, we always say that we strive to make someone’s house feel like home for them. Many families have relocated to our community and we feel it’s important to create an environment that allows them to welcome folks into their new homes and feel good about their space.  

Q. What are some of the biggest interior design trends for 2017?

LDD: Trends vary widely across the country. In our local market we are seeing the following being rolled out in designer showrooms and industry publications: Warm natural mushroom grays are replacing the cool blue-gray hues of last year; Appliances are now showing up with sleek, matte finishes as opposed to stainless steel; our clientele are frequently requesting custom pieces made by local artisans; building materials have stepped out beyond granite and tile into options like quartz, terrazzo, soapstone and recycled materials; lighting trends are less matching and more showcase pieces; and overall project designs are more elaborate and ornate versus stark minimalist.

Q: What trend do you particularly love right now?

LDD: We love taking standard building materials and using them in new and creative applications. For example, subway tiles have been around for a long time, but there are so many size and color options today, that we frequently utilize them to create one of a kind looks in our client’s spaces.  Another example would be the limitless updates that can be achieved on fireplace facades to update their look and style quotient in a space. The accent wall is back in a big way. We adore adding texture and depth to a space with ideas such as shiplap decking, wallpaper, or even custom murals. Seriously, we actually loved shiplap before shiplap was cool!

Q: Is there a trend that has officially gone out of style?

LDD: Similar to technology, trends are designed   to be constantly upgraded so it’s a little tricky to say what’s officially out. With that said, most of our clients want to part with Old World themes in place of the newer Transitional Styles. We are very agreeable to incorporate any desired look into the project, while updating that style at the same time. Our goal is to partner with our clients to achieve the look and functionality that they desire long term as opposed to what is trendy today, because trends change so frequently.

Q: Do you see that older trends tend to make comebacks? If so, can you share an example?

LDD: Brass hardware is already making a comeback in our market.  It’s shown in a distressed version, so it appears more vintage, but a true gold is also back.  Trendy wallpapers and grasscloths are being used selectively on accent walls, in powder baths, and below chair rails.

Q: Does interior design tend to follow runway trends?

LDD: Of course to a certain extent, one compliments the other.  When trends like faux fur, mixed metals, or the Pantone color of the year appear on the runway, they are also presented in interior design platforms throughout the world.

Q: Let’s talk colors. What does a modern home palette look like? Neutrals? Bold and vibrant?

LDD:The new neutrals are variations on a mushroom palette as opposed to blue-gray hues.  In addition, jewel tones are hitting the showrooms and paint store sample displays as a way to spice up the tone on tone look in order to add a vibrant pop of color.

Q: What are some simple ways homeowners can refresh their home’s style—especially for those who live in older homes?

LDD: In any age home, fresh paint and new accent fabrics such as toss pillows or window treatments can make a marked improvement.  There are so many great off the shelf retail options these days that are also budget friendly.  In addition to those ideas, furniture and accessory placement can make a huge difference in how a space feels. We hear time and time again that clients wish they would have met us when they first moved in because we have such a creative way of positioning and placing items that they love and want to showcase.

Q: Kitchens and bathrooms seem to get all the attention in remodels/renovations. Are there any other “splurge” areas?

LDD: We love bringing style and functionality to often overlooked outdoor spaces.  The comfort of your indoor space outside offers casual and relaxed living beyond the interior walls of our client’s homes. Improved durability of outdoor furniture and accessories now allow for years of enjoyment. We are designing more and more outdoor living spaces as clients expand their usable square footage.

Q: Can you give an example of a client project you’re particularly proud of? What did the project entail? What were some of the challenges? And the end result?

LDD: In addition to our interior redesign and ‘Room by Room” décor projects, we’ve been asked to assist in several full scale design projects for new builds where we have been hired to select all finish out materials, color palette for each room, all furnishings, custom window treatments and accessories.  We enjoy the challenge of using often mandated standard builder materials, in new and creative ways. It’s so satisfying for our team to infuse brand new spaces with the character and charm reflective of the homeowners. We adore incorporating special pieces that our clients want to keep.    

Q: What’s your No. 1 piece of wisdom for homeowners looking to create their ideal home?

LDD: Our advice time and time again is to be patient and let the design process evolve.  Our goal is to help clients achieve a curated effect, so that furniture and accessories have the look of being carefully selected over time as opposed to being purchased as a set out of a catalog.  

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?
LDD: Here’s what’s different about us: rarely are we presented with a clean slate to start fresh. Most of the time we are asked to utilize some or much of what a client already owns.  We love to do that because we believe so strongly in rearranging and repurposing in an effort to keep purchases to a minimum.

We have a very different approach when it comes to our clients and their budget dollars.  We are all about the value in a purchase and consider ourselves both thrifty and knowledgeable about where to find the best deals. When we get discounts, we share those with our clients as well.  Who doesn’t love to get a great deal on something!

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